Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Website Design

As we zero in on the official release of the new CD, "better reception", we've redesigned the website.  It's now very low-tech.  We're literally writing down updates to the website long hand, sticking them a bulletin board with push pins and post-it notes, taking a photo of the bulletin board, and posting it on the web.

I'm sure someone's done this before, but we're pretty psyched about it.  We're also still ironing out the kinks (such as how color correction works, how to make each photo line up EXACTLY so the web surfing experience is flawless) but we are pretty psyched about the new direction... particularly with the low-tech theme of the new CD ("better reception" refers to a coat hanger used for a television antennae), and our low-tech approach to what is traditionally an electronic music genre.

Anywhoo... take a look at the new website at www.cocktailrevolution.net.

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